Amy Kanarek

Amy Kanarek designs and handcrafts elegant beaded jewelry.  She uses tiny glass seed beads, meticulously woven one into the other, to create stunning and unexpected statement necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings, that range from exotic to classic, and that flow effortlessly from casual to special occasions. 

Amy is known for her use of dramatic, rich antique gold glass beads woven around jewel-tone Swarovski crystals into geometric shapes to create, for example, her signature Hexagon Statement Necklace. This piece, in the original bronze and teal, makes reference to the brilliance of Jerusalem’s Old City skyline at sunset. A recent iteration of this design concept has led Amy to create larger circles and squares of glass beads around a central gleaming Swarovski crystal for her Circle Game and Deco-Inspired Collections, that began in antique silver tones, creating a sense of vintage Hollywood glamour.  As all of Amy’s work is custom handcrafted, she works with each customer, making color, design and size adjustments that best suit their style.   

Amy, a former French teacher and cantor, began her career as a jewelry designer about ten years ago, when she wandered into a local bead shop with a broken crystal necklace that her mother had worn many years ago. She was immediately mesmerized by the assortment of colors, shapes and textures, and the limitless possibilities offered by the world of beads. Amy is filled with gratitude that she is able to do this creative work as a fulltime artist in New City, New York, creating joy for her customers, and helping them to elegantly adorn themselves for everyday as well as lifecycle events. 

Amy can be reached for private consultations via WhatsApp or email at